How to know the CPU Speed in Android Smartphones

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How to know the details of CPU Speed in Android

CPU speed plays a major role in performance of Android powered Smartphones.It is worth to mention multi-tasking experience of the smartphones depends upon number of Cores of the processor.The CPU speed is denoted in unit hertz Hz and the same is clock rate.The speed of the processor is directly proportional to the clock speed.Hence when clock rate of CPU increases then speed of the processor also increases.

You may be familiar with CPU-Z application which is designed for Windows OS and now it is available for Android platform too.The CPU-Z application is programmed to find CPU speed in Android smartphones.Moreover it can be also used to find more details about CPU.This includes, but not limited to, CPU architecture, Process, clock speed of each core, CPU load and GPU specifications.

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Android application to find CPU speed

Apart from knowing processor speed, it also provides details about Model number and manufacturer of Smartphone, Board, Hardware, Kernel version architecture, RAM, Secondary storage memory and status of battery.The status of battery includes Technology, Temperature and remaining energy mentioned in voltage.

Download CPU-Z from Play Store

The screenshot shows the CPU speed of my Motorola Defy which is clocked at 1.0 GHz.Since CPU is single core you can’t find details of each and every core in screenshot.

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